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How to Buy Night Vision

We want to give our customers the very best and latest and therefor our new 2017 Night Vision range solely utilises digital night vision technology so you know your looking at the very best when your looking at our night vision range.


Monoculars Binoculars and Goggles what's best for you ?

Before you get into the technical details of the products it is first important to understand what type of night vision product will best fit your needs.

There are three main types of Night Vision products, monoculars

Firstly you need to figure out if you need the product to be hands free is so you need to be looking at night vision goggles which can be head mounted to leave your hands free. The pros of Night VIsion goggles

Pros and Cons



Can keep one eye adjusted which is great if you plan to be moving around and alternating between looking through the monocular and using your eyes naturally as it doesn't take your eyes as long adjust.

Cons:Only looking with one eye through the eyepiece can take a bit of getting used too and people find it easier to get acclimated to looking through a binocular instead.


Pros: People find it easier to look through a product that has two eyepieces for each eye which allows for a more natural feeling when viewing

Cons: Because you look through the product with both eyes and are often zoomed in moving around and changing between looking through the binocular and looking with out it is harder and takes a longer time to change back and forth.



Pros: With a head mount Night Vision Goggles allow you to have your hands free where as with monoculars you will not be able to be using your hands for things while also looking through the product

Cons: Because Goggles are head mounted they often only offer 1 X magnification so you can safely walk around with them on without bumping into things. Because of this some of the things you may be wanting to view may be out of range and require a lot of walking to bring them into focus.


Max Viewing distance

The max viewing distance is an indicator of the longest distance objects can be viable seen from using your night vision product. The maximum viewing distance also depends on the conditions of use and upon model chosen. Overcast conditions, fog, rain; etc. may reduce the effective distance of a night vision. An Infrared Illuminator will increase viewing range, especially in enclosed areas like a warehouse, cave, or thick brush. You want to choose a product with a max viewing distance that falls within your planned use for it. For example if you plan to use your product around the house and other areas with short lines of sight then something with a shorter max viewing distance will be were as if you're planning to use it on a boat and need it to be able to be able to spot rocks 500m away you will require a product with a higher max viewing distance. The reason it is important to figure out the approximate viewing distance that you require from the product is because generally the higher the max viewing distance the higher the price will be.


The level of magnification of you require from a product depends on the distance at which you will be looking at objects and how much detail you want to see them in. For example if you needed to look at objects a really long way away with great detail you would be looking for a product with a high magnification(such as the Luna LN-DM50) whereas if you plan to mainly use it from a smaller distance and don't need the object to be as close/in as much detail then something in a lower magnification will be more suitable because general as the magnification goes up so does the price.


All the products in our product range are weather resistant which means they are able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. If you want buy the very best in terms of durability and longevity of your night vision product then the bushnell brand is the brand you should be looking at. If you aren't planning to be as rough with the product then all the products in our range will provide you with a durable product that's made to last.