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Biological Microscopes

Biological Microscopes

Biological also know as compound refers to the optical system that produces the high magnifications typically in the range of 40X to 400X although they can go much higher than this. The light travels in a single path from the light source to the eyepiece—even if a binocular head is being used—causing images to appear two-dimensional. 

Because it contains its own light source in its base, a compound light microscope is also considered a bright field microscope.

Bright field microscopy simply means that the specimen is lit from below and viewed from above.

With bright field illumination, the sample’s contrast comes from its absorption of the light, as opposed to dark field illumination where the contrast comes from the sample scattering the light.

Biological microscopes are most popular as one can see the truly "invisible" things like blood cells, amoebas and bacteria
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Saxon ScienceSmart TKM Biological Digital Microscope.

Saxon ScienceSmart TKM Biological Digital Microscope.

The saxon TKM ScienceSmart Biological Digital Microscope Kit is the picture perfect gift for scientists of all ages! This biological microscope comes with 3 objectives of 4x, 10x and 40x, a Wide Field 10x eyepiece as well as a USB digital eyepiece. Easy to use and a great way to start exploring the micro-organism world around us.
NZ $425.00 NZ $349.00 Save NZ $76.00 incl GST
Saxon ScienceSmart Digital Microscope with FREE 100 piece prepared slide kit!

Saxon ScienceSmart Digital Microscope with FREE 100 piece prepared slide kit!

The Saxon ScienceSmart 8MP LCD Digital Microscope is user-friendly, portable and requires minimal assembly. This microscope is best suited for viewing biological specimens and can also be used to observe thin objects such as stamps and coins on the lowest magnification setting. Perfect for both casual and serious use in the classroom, home or workplace.
NZ $990.00 NZ $890.00 Save NZ $100.00 incl GST
Saxon  RBT Researcher Biological Microscope (NM11-4100II)

Saxon RBT Researcher Biological Microscope (NM11-4100II)

For serious microscopy work, look no further than the saxon RBT Researcher Biological Microscope. This beast of a microscope features a trinocular head, four objectives of 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X, individual eyepiece focusing, double-layered mechanical stage and coaxial coarse/fine controls to make it easy to operate the stage when you're viewing your object through the eyepiece. This microscope promises versatility and durability for use at work, school or home.
NZ $1,750.00
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