Sky-Watcher 1145 EQ1 Reflector
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Sky-Watcher 1145 EQ1 Reflector

A very compact and cost effective beginners telescope. Comes with two eye pieces, red dot finderscope, tripod and mount; everything you need to start your astronomy hobby!
NZ $450.00

Telescope Description

The Sky-Watcher 1145 EQ1 is well known for its quality parabolic optical system. This particular scope offers competitive optics and minimal central obstruction. Not only do you see more, you can be ensured of finer and brighter visuals.
This telescope is suitable for anyone starting out in Deep-Sky Observation and Astrophotography. However the seasoned sky viewer will also appreciate the large aperture in the scope, and the superior images this scope offers (minus a hefty price tag!).
It is an ideal model for introduction to the world of amateur astronomy, and is often chosen as the first telescope in the family. 
The Sky-Watcher 1145 EQ1 aperture of 114mm collects enough light to reveal a wealth of celestial objects and capturers 125% more light than a 76mm and 165% more than a 70mm refractor. The short focal length of 500mm offers a large field of view, which is an important attribute for amateur observations. This makes it easy to direct the telescope at the object and follow.
It has aluminized and overcoated mirrors, diffraction-limited secondary mirror support and a paraboloidal (parabolic) primary mirror.
Recommended Usage - Viewing Galaxies/Stars, Nebulae, the Moon, Other Planets
* Sky-Watcher 5 Years Limited Warranty*

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Optical Design Paraboloidal Newtonian Reflector 
Optical Diameter 114mm 
Focal Length 500mm 
F/Ratio F/4.4 
Highest Practical Power 228x 
Faintest Steller Magnitude 12.9 
Focuser Diameter Rack and Pinion Focuser (1.25”) 
Eyepieces 1.25" Super 25 and 10* 
Tube Weight 8 kgs 
Mount Type German Equatorial EQ-1
Tripod Aluminium tripod 
Tube Dimensions 15cm x 41cm 
Shipping Weight 12 Kg 
Shipping Dimensions 84x39x29 cm3 

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