saxon AstroSeeker 13065 Reflector Telescope- with computerised GoTo
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saxon AstroSeeker 13065 Reflector Telescope- with computerised GoTo

If you're after a telescope for intermediate astronomers, the saxon AstroSeeker 130/650 Reflector Telescope will not disappoint.
NZ $1,249.00

Telescope Description

If you're after a telescope for intermediate astronomers, the saxon AstroSeeker 130/650 Reflector Telescope will not disappoint.

With an aperture of 130mm and a focal length of 650mm, this telescope packs a powerful punch.

The high-resolution, diffraction-limited optical systems are multi-coated to maximises contrast and image sharpness, making it the perfect scope to study deep sky objects.

You'll also appreciate the included accessory pack, sturdy Star Discovery mount with full computerized controls and tracking.

The saxon AstroSeeker 13065 Reflector Telescope with features the following:

  • 130mm aperture
  • Focal length of 650mm (F/5.0)
  • 25.4mm Red Dot Finder
  • Super 10mm and 25mm eyepieces
  • Star Discovery AZGT Pro
  • Steel tripod with accessory tray.

 Perfect for the serious observer.

The portable saxon AstroSeeker 13065 Reflector Telescope weighs just under 10 kg, making it a great addition to your stargazing journey.


Whats in the box 


saxon 10mm/25mm 1.25’’ Plossl Eyepiece(Silver)

Featuring a 4-element design, this Plossl eyepiece ensures maximum light transition, minimises spherical aberration, distortion, astigmatism and off-axis colour. The edge-to-edge blackened optics provides excellent contrast across the 50° apparent field of view.

saxon Red-dot Finderscope with bracket

It is a zero magnification pointing tool that uses a coated glass window to superimpose the image of a small red dot onto the night sky, showing where the telescope is pointed.


saxon Synscan Hand Controller

If your SynScan Go-To hand control is damaged, irreparable or you simply need a spare we have control paddles available. Will also work quite well with tracking Dob range if programmed with AZ firmware.


saxon Astroseeker Mount with Steel Tripod

It is not only designed to drive a telescope, but is also a multi-role platform for cameras and video recorders. Perfect for lightweight astrophotography, time lapse photography, wide view and panorama photography, video panning and so many more activities.


Star/ Moon Chart

The star chart shows the solar system of which earth is a member planet and the moon chart clearly shows the topography of the lunar surface.


Warranty Information 5-Years Limited Warranty
Optical Design Parabolic Newtonian Reflector
Aperture 130mm
Lowest Practical Power No
Highest Practical Power 260x
Focal Length 650mm
Focal Ratio F/5
Eyepieces Plossl 25 and Plossl 10
Finderscope Red-dot
Barlow Lens N/A
Diagonal No
Mount Type AstroSeeker
Tripod Aluminium

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