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High Power

If you have a view, any kind of view, whether it be sea or rural, exploring it through a pair of high powered binoculars is fascinating. They are also superb for astronomical exploration. Ever observed the moon through a pair of high powered binoculars?
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Saxon 15x70 Night Sky Binoculars

Saxon 15x70 Night Sky Binoculars

Did you know that a high powered pair of binoculars is the perfect portable alternative to a telescope? Skip the expensive, inconvenient telescope and spend your nights star gazing with the amazing saxon 15x70 Night Sky Binoculars. Ideal for astronomical viewing thanks to its 15x magnification, 70mm objective lens and long eye-relief feature, you can now stargaze wherever you are with these high powered binoculars.
NZ $375.00
Konus Giant 20x80

Konus Giant 20x80

Powerful binoculars with tripod adpater
NZ $248.99
Saxon 25x100 MW High Power Binoculars

Saxon 25x100 MW High Power Binoculars

Beautiful viewing from these large apperture/high magnification binoculars
NZ $1,499.00
Saxon Pro-Caliber Giant Binoculars

Saxon Pro-Caliber Giant Binoculars

The saxon Pro-Caliber Giant Binoculars promises quality observations. This 45 degree angle powerful binoculars comes with 100mm fully-multi coated objectives, interchangeable eyepieces, solid U-Bear mount, heavy duty tripod and a metal carry case for storing your binoculars.
NZ $6,000.00
Saxon 30x80 Night Sky Observation Binoculars

Saxon 30x80 Night Sky Observation Binoculars

Observation binoculars for astronomy and terrestrial viewing.
NZ $599.00